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Transition and Loss

Transition and Loss Counseling

Transition and Loss Therapy with Tiffany Miller in Manhattan NYC, can help you make sense of your experience, manage feelings of distress and lead a more satisfying, productive life. Tiffany Miller is based in Manhattan. Contact her today to schedule your first consultation!


transition and loss

I work with people who are in the midst of changes and shifts in their lives. These transitions and losses can be difficult to cope with. Whether it is a geographical move, a shift from college student to adulthood or the loss of a job, loss of a loved one, or a painful end to a relationship, these and other changes can affect us powerfully. Because change is the one constant in life that is both welcomed and rejected depending upon the circumstances, it can be surprising when our reaction to it is unmanageable. Difficult transitions can make us feel lost and disoriented. These transitions and losses require us to adjust and sometimes reinvent aspects of ourselves. They challenge us to create new ways of being and employ new skills. I work with people to process and mourn what no longer is and discover ways to acquire the personal flexibility needed to accommodate transition and loss.