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Self-Esteem Counseling

Self-Esteem counseling with Tiffany Miller in Manhattan NYC, can help you improve self confidence and lead a happier life. Tiffany Miller is based in Manhattan. Contact her today to schedule your first consultation!


Self Esteem

The confidence we have in our own worth and abilities is essentially our self esteem. Sometimes we find ourselves engaged in self-sabotage, battling an internal self critic, striving for unreachable perfection or struggling to cope with mistakes we’ve made. Our daily interactions with the world, our relationships, progress in school and the workplace are all guided and effected by self esteem. Maintaining high self esteem becomes the backbone of solid mental health. I work with people to take a difficult, but necessary deep look at how we see and understand our selves. I then help to figure out how to begin treating the self with more compassion, understanding and love. By examining both the past and the present, I explore the origins of low self esteem, focusing on the work needed to create a new foundation with which to understand the self. I view work on self esteem as not only a process to celebrate the self, but sometimes as a way to mourn the parts of the self that may never be. Accepting who we are not is as important and valuable as celebrating who we actually are. I see self esteem work as a way to help people see themselves as beautifully flawed and impeccably human.